What Is A Vision Board?

By Sean Stevenson – Latest Revision February 23rd, 2021

What Exactly Are Vision Boards?

A vision board is a series of images that are brought together to represent an idea or plan.  They tend to be put on display in intimate areas within homes, offices, or even in public spaces.

Whether you are striving to build a business, to improve existing relationships, or to plan out your career, a vision board can help you create your very own roadmap to success. 

Think of a vision board as a visual format that can help keep you accountable over time. 

Every image added to the board is a step-by-step guide to achieving your goals.  Every idea you have can be easily represented by a visualized element, allowing you to explore your own thought process in detail.

Studies have shown that our brains heavily associate ideas with imagery.  We are literally hardwired to visualize our own plans, even as we act on them.

Thus, creating a vision board allows you to build a poster-sized representation of both your plans and your goals.  This creates a mental manifestation of what you are trying to achieve.  You can revisit this knowledge time and again seamlessly.  You can also add to your plan as necessary to account for things you may not have originally considered. 

This makes any vision board a unique and highly adaptable planning tool.  You can build upon your own ideas even as they have a positive impact on your career or life. 

This can type of thought process tends to become cumulative over time.  Every success begets new knowledge and opportunities multiply!


What Is A Vision Board?

A vision board such as this creates a collage of important imagery.  This can be used to create adaptable plans, or to visualize a process from start to finish.  The use of a vision board creates a huge opportunity for personal growth!  There is even a growing scientific movement that supports the notion of visualizing success (and with good reason!).

Key Takeaways

  • A vision board can be used for planning, learning, or organizing.
  • Each image added can be used to create a “step-by-step guide” that is easily referenced.
  • Vision boards allow us to explore our own thought process and ideas.
  • Studies have shown that our grains heavily associate ideas and success with imagery.

Understanding Vision Boards

According to a study posted on Psychology Today, mental visualization practices can increase motivation and success rates dramatically.

In fact, the correlation between visualization and success is nothing short of an ongoing phenomenon. 

A comparative neuroscientific study even concluded that mental visualization enhances training efforts significantly.  Specifically, in the case of body builders, this meant that mental visualization led to a higher activation level of musculature during routine practice.

The mind’s influence over the body and its muscles cannot be overstated. 

Imagine being able to draw upon your deepest resources as a human being.  To leverage every ounce of willpower and strength you have available towards one unobtained goal.

With this logic in mind, it’s easy to see why vision boards are so useful.  They allow us to summon all our faculties.  Even as we plan for a better tomorrow, we are literally summoning our best efforts to the task at hand.

Creating Your Own Vision Board

Creating your own collage of images is best done through trial and error.

Naturally, this can sound strange or even daunting, yet its absolutely true.  You simply won’t know how your own mind works until you experiment.  By that I mean setting up your vision board in a way that makes the most sense to you.

Ask yourself:

  • What images do I relate to?
  • How can I set up my own roadmap that I will instinctively understand at a glance?
  • What goals are most important to me?
  • How can I set about achieving my vision for the best future possible?

In setting these parameters beforehand, you will find a multitude of ways to express your own desires using imagery.

The key is to use this visualization process to create a “roadmap” for your success. 

As with any journey, try to start from the very beginning.  Think of this initial phase as a foundation to build upon.  That foundation must contain a clear mental picture of what it is you’d like to achieve.  Try to consider the elements, time, and efforts that will be involved in pursuing that goal.

Then, once you’ve established your theme and ideas, construct a middle segment.  This portion should be focused on the journey you will undertake.  This means endeavoring to understand how to best go about pursuing your goal.  Be sure to include the milestones you will reach along the way.  Also, consider the skills you will have to learn or master to reach your objective.

The end should only come after your beginning and middle portions are fully fleshed out.  In this part, you have to be critical and unflinching.  Ask yourself exactly how you would like the results to appear once your efforts are complete. 

What Is A Vision Board?

Consider your own process and goals when creating your vision board…  How can you define your best path forward toward achieving success?

Making Optimal Use of Vision Boards

For a vision board to be effective, you must use it everyday.  It takes discipline to reinforce your efforts. 

Be sure to reference your thought process at least for a few minutes daily by scanning the imagery you most associate with your goals.  Ideally, these will be in a coherent sequence that naturally “flows” for you without effort.  In short, you should intuitively understand the meaning of your vision board.

Moreover, you absolutely have to embrace change.  If you aren’t continuously devising better ideas, or adding to existing plans, you’ll miss huge opportunities for growth (especially over time!).

Vision Boards and Meditation

An excellent tool to reinforce your vision exercises is meditation.  Using a meditative process during the day, or at night, can greatly assist your planning efforts through visualization.

Try to breathe slowly with your eyes closed.  Sit as straight as possible, while focusing on your breath alone.

Engage yourself using the following:

  • Imagine a scene that is representative of the goal you would like to achieve.
  • Are you with people?  Alone?
  • What emotions are in your mind as you contemplate your goal?
  • Do you hear certain sounds?
  • Are there are colors that emerge?
  • What environment do you visualize without even trying?
What Is A Vision Board?

Meditation is extremely varied from one individual to the next.  Often, you will experience intrusive thoughts.  It is important to acknowledge these thoughts, while at the same time, focusing your mindfulness toward a specific goal or intention.

Try to combine your meditative process with personal affirmation.  Think of Muhammad Ali’s own, “I am the greatest!”  This was something he said continuously until it became true!

Try to meditate often in the presence of your vision board.  As you open your eyes from a meditative state, carefully consider the images before you.  Ask if your thought process makes sense, then contemplate on ways you can improve it as you meditate further.

This process often yields important insights over time.  Remember that no problem or issue can ever withstand the power of sustained thought. 

You must consider meditation as a way of clearing your mind and bringing openness to your thought process.

Images To Consider

A vision board can take many forms.  However, it must be said that there is no limit to what you can make use of for your own personal visualization.

Consider making use of:

  • Graphs
  • Maps
  • Colors
  • History
  • Abstracts
  • Landscapes
  • Symbols
  • And More!

By making use of as many imaging processes as possible, you can invoke a resilient model for success.

Remember that once you have your vision board in place (and you are vigorously adding to it), it is important to continuously envision your future success.

By repeating this process often, you will be ensuring your own process.  Your efforts will become cumulative over time, and success will inevitably become yours for the taking.


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