What are Business Management jobs?

By Sean Stevenson – Latest Revision February 19th, 2021

What Exactly Are Business Management Jobs?

Business management jobs focus on oversight of a company’s employees and activities.

Both large and small businesses need competent business managers to lead and provide administrative services. 

Many business management jobs have a focus on:

  • Enhancing productivity.
  • Evaluating employee performance.
  • Train existing employees or hire new ones.
  • Marketing products.
  • Creating sales.
  • Supervising.
  • And implementing new business strategies.

Ensuring that a company’s values are aligned with its activities is a common goal that business management seeks to undertake.  This requires careful implementation and tracking of strategic steps that will enable the organization to succeed.

Types of Business Managers

In both large and small companies, business management is a necessity.

In a large corporation, a manager may oversee a specific department.  Conversely, in a smaller company, there may be only a single manager overseeing the entire operation.

In a business setting, it is often advisable to have a business manager apportioned for each of the company’s functions. 


In a large corporation, there are business managers for everything.  From sales, production, to marketing, each department will be large and therefore require the oversight of an experienced manager.

Key Takeaways

  • Business manager jobs are present in both large and small companies.
  • In a large corporation, there can be many managers overseeing various departments. 
  • In a small business, there may only be one manager overseeing the entire operation.

Duties of a Business Management Job

Business managers handle various administrative duties.  This can include anything from developing systemic budgets, preparing reports, and evaluating company policy.  Inevitably, this means quite a bit of paperwork. 

If you’re not inclined to create and handle corporate documentation, then you will be unlikely to thrive in this role. 

Typically, managers are often tasked with overseeing the day-to-day activities of an organization.  They must monitor workers closely to ensure proper productivity is taking place.  Moreover, the hiring of new workers and the training of existing employees, is also within the realm of a typical business management job. 

Business management is often associated with ensuring that employee morale remains high.  This means ensuring that workers are provided with the necessary resources to perform their tasks effectively.  A good business manager will also motivate employees through incentives, opportunities for further development, and positive feedback.

If an employee is struggling, then it falls to the manager to assess ways in which the employee can reinvigorate their work ethic.

Business management often makes use of performance evaluations to help employees understand how they are performing.  This has the added benefit of allowing both manager and worker to speak openly about any concerns they may have.

Business Management Jobs – Required Education

The educational requirements to become a business management professional are based on several elements.  These help to equip prospective students, setting them up for a successful future.

Business acumen does not come easily.  It takes a great deal of perseverance and experience to fully develop dynamic skills as a manager.

No matter the level of education you choose to pursue, you will have to become familiar with data analytics, organizational potency, data analysis, administration, and much more.

What are Business Management jobs

Business management jobs include a wide range of fields.  Sales, marketing, general administration, and even production processes are all a part of its innate subject matter.  Specializing in one or many of these fields can open a great many doors for you!

Below are some of the various levels of education, and their corresponding courses:

Associate’s Degree Courses:

  • Business Analysis and Intelligence.
  • Principles of Finance.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • Customer Service.
  • Functional and Project Management.

Bachelor’s Degree Courses:

  • Business Law and Ethical Behavior.
  • Accounting for Business Managers.
  • Dynamic Team Development.
  • Financial Decision-Making Models and Risk Management.
  • Organizational Behavior Analysis.

Business Management Jobs Today

The courses listed above will greatly assist in preparing you for a future in business management.  Moreover, there are a great many positions that your skillset will cover.  This means you will have plenty of opportunity to exercise your knowledge within your field.

Both associate’s and bachelor’s degrees can provide a versatile professional future in business management. 

What To Expect - Common Business Management Careers

It is always advisable to start wherever you can and steadily work your way up.  Some companies prefer to promote internally, whereas others do not.

Starting at a low-tier position in one company may mean that you can simply make a transition to a higher position at another company.  If you can prove your worth, they may even simply promote you instead.

Below are some of the jobs you can expect to pursue in your business management career:

1. Personal Assistant

Average salary:  Around $30,000 US per year.

Primary tasks:  A personal assistant handles administrative duties for their executive benefactor.  This means organizing a daily schedule, answering phone calls, attending to correspondence, and reporting directly to their employer for additional duties as needed.

You may also be asked to be present at meetings and take notes.  It may even fall to you to schedule those meetings in the first place.

A personal assistant often runs errands too.  Be prepared for laundry, grocery lists, or even bill payments that must be dealt with.

Key Takeaway

While it certainly isn’t the most glamorous job, a personal assistant position allows you to get a foot in the door.  Consider this as an opportunity to prove yourself to your employers.

Once you have established a rapport and proven yourself to be professional, you can then ask for a new opportunity. 

2. Office Coordinator

Average salary:  Around $31,000 US per year.

Primary tasks:  An office coordinator’s duties are much as the title would imply.  Keep an office organized and coordinated will be your mainstay task.  However, you will also likely be answering phones, and assisting visitors also.

It’s quite common for office coordinators to be in charge of ordering office supplies, cataloguing documentation, and scheduling meetings.

Key Takeaway

Another low-tier position within a business management career path.  However, this role does offer more flexibility and opportunity for those enterprising enough.  Prove yourself capable of effectively managing the office assignments you are given and make yourself indispensable.  This will give you leverage when you need a reference for a new and better job.

Or then again, they may even promote you in time.

3. Administrative Assistant

Average salary:  Around $32,000 US per year.

Primary Tasks:  Administrative assistants tend to handle the excess paperwork and clerical functions in the office.  Additionally, they also tend to support staff by scheduling their appointments, or answering phones.

A great advantage of working as an administrative assistant in a business management setting, is that you are expected to work closely with experienced executives.  This means that you can learn a great deal in a relatively short period of time!

Many administrative assistants tend to work within different departments, and for many individuals. 

Key Takeaway

Handling various tasks across the office is a chance for building a flexible skillset. 

Try to take on as many responsibilities as possible and become adept at different workplace tasks.  Then, add these new skillsets to your resume.

Administrative positions tend to be common in many areas.  Don’t be afraid to “trade up” if the opportunity presents itself.

What are Business Management jobs

These first three positions are typically defined as “entry level.”  Consider them your induction into a much larger business management world!  Try to use them to make important contacts and connections.  Build your network and you will have no shortage of opportunity as you gain experience and grow!

4. Assistant Office Manager

Average Salary: Approximately $42,000 US per year.

Primary Tasks:  This is a unique position within the business management career trajectory.  You will be responsible for the upkeep of the office.  This includes everything from clerical tasks, to assisting the attending manager, to organizing the office floorspace.

Many assistant office managers report that their boss expects them to order refreshments for visiting clients or dignitaries.  So be sure to anticipate the needs of those around you, and especially pay close attention to what your boss is struggling with.

If you can balance the office well, and ensure that things get done in a timely manager, you may find yourself obtaining a promotion faster than you thought possible.

Key Takeaway

At this point you’re not far from being the office manager yourself.

Remember to focus on maintaining the office and its supplies as best as you can.  Everyone will be relying on you to do so.

5. Office Manager

Average Salary:  Approximately $43,000 per year.

Primary Tasks:  At last you’ve reached a milestone!  As the office manager you will be fully in charge of monitoring procedures, operations, and upkeep.

A key aspect of this role is to put in order the payroll.

You must also develop a dynamic team that can be trusted to carry out complex administrative tasks.  Being able to delegate and manage others effectively is an absolute prerequisite for success as an office manager.

Key Takeaways

This is a position where you can really carve out your own niche.  Others will look to you for guidance and leadership. 

Recall your lessons learned in business management and you should be fine.  The key is to keep everyone pushing in the right direction. 

Once you’ve built up significant experience as an office manager, it’s either time to seek a higher paying job or a promotion.  

On the other hand, if you really enjoy the position you hold, you can always stay!

6. Human Resources Generalist

Average Salary:  $54,000 US per year.

Primary Tasks:  Administering programs, policies, and procedures, a human resources generalist is a jack-of-all-trades for an organization.

A key focus for HR is also naturally on the hiring of employees.  Many times, they are also responsible for training and compliance.

In terms of additional administration, an HR generalist must also maintain employee records, while administering benefits and perhaps even payroll.

Key Takeaways

Many people make entire careers out of their human resource backgrounds.  It can be a very enticing position to be in, with room for growth.

Becoming adept at HR will mean your career in business management has a solid foundation to build upon.

7. Marketing Manager

Average Salary:  $62,000 US per year.

Primary Tasks:  Developing a profitable marketing strategy is key to this role. 

To this end, you’ll be working with top executives to create a marketing system that will entice a steady customer base to purchase from your organization.

Expect to continuously analyze not only your own marketing system, but also the systems of your competitors.  This is key to understanding the common denominators involved in selling your organization’s products or services.

Ultimately, the more value you can add, and the better you can get that value in front of the eyes of your customers, the more successful you are likely to be.

Key Takeaways

The marketing manager position is a great business management job.  However, it also comes with a lot of responsibility.

Getting your marketing campaign off the ground can be challenging if you have to build it from the ground up.  Should you find yourself in a position where there is already an existing marketing framework in place, then you’re in luck!

This position can be a springboard to a much higher income.  Marketing is always sought after!  Especially in the age of the internet (read: right now!).

8. Business Consultant

Average Salary:  $72,000 US per year.

Primary Tasks:  A business consultant is a modern-day strategist.  The consultant devises better methods of conducting the day-to-day affairs within an organization.

To this end, they may offer insights and reports about a better solution to an existing problem.  Or perhaps they were hired to improve upon a production or logistical process.

In any event, the business management job process for a consultant is all about collecting the best information available, and then acting on it.  They may conduct research and interviews to better develop their understanding of a business model.

Once they have their findings in order, they will offer their best ideas to their clients. 

Key Takeaways

The more actionable and effective your solutions are, the more you can ultimately be paid as a consultant. 

Moreover, a business consultancy firm can generate impressive revenues if operated efficiently.  This creates a huge opportunity for enterprising individuals who wish to create their very own consultancy business.

What are Business Management jobs

In terms of business management jobs, being a business consultant is rife with opportunity.  When executed well, it has a high earnings potential.

9. Sales Manager

Average Salary:  $75,000 US per year.

Primary Tasks:  A sales manager organizes a team of representatives who then secure transactions on behalf of the business.

A key component of any sales manager’s day-to-day operations is enabling their sales representatives to perform at their very best.  Setting attainable goals and motivating others are essential in this regard.

Producing consistent results is imperative to this role.  A knowledgeable and competent sales manager will be constantly analyzing data and attempting to identify new customers and sources of revenue.  Handling important accounts -both large and small- is something a sales manager should be able to do on the fly.

Key Takeaways

This role can be challenging and volatile.  However, the rewards are well worth the effort.

Effective sales managers can easily make six figures.  Many companies offer incentives and bonuses for high performing business management stewards.

Setting a strong foundation and building a dynamic sales team will be key to any successful effort in the sales domain. 

10. Director of Operations

Average Salary:  $100,000 US per year.

Primary Tasks:  The director of operations provides oversight for the overall profitability of an organization.  In terms of business management, they are constantly seeking new ways to grow the business model they serve.

Often, they are tasked with managing existing staff, supervising production, or delegating tasks to various departments.

Most organizations tend to look to their director of operations for business insight and a vision for the future.  This means that creating a comprehensive business strategy will fall to you, should you find yourself in this role.

Key Takeaways

As a director of operations, you will find many doors opening to you.  This is the time to make the most of your career choice and set lofty -yet attainable- goals for your organization.

Your mentality and strategy should always be to forego inconsistent business actions.  Instead, try to remain consistently striving towards a singular vision or purpose.  If your organization excels in one area, then focus on that before pursuing alternative streams of income or research.

Always remember that this is a privileged position that you now occupy.  Strive to be worthy of it by safeguarding the interests of those around you.  Make sound business decisions on their behalf and set yourself up for a prosperous future.

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