Employment Verification Letter Sample

By Sean Stevenson – Latest Revision April 6th, 2021

Employment Verification Letter Sample - With Templates!

If you are trying to purchase a home, get insurance, or even rent an apartment, you may need an employment verification letter. 

These days both financial institutions and landlords often request employment verification letters to ensure you are who you say you are.  Undoubtedly, in terms of confirming your employment history, they are an invaluable asset.

Many people shy away or avoid employment verification letters entirely.  They fail to understand the practical uses of such a relatively simple document.

In reality, you can obtain an employment verification letter yourself with ease.  If you’re unsure of what this document looks like, fret not. 

Most of us would likely first begin with reviewing a series of examples and templates to better understand the contents and formats involved.  Luckily, below is more information and a few employment verification letter templates to get you started!

Defining An Employment Verification Letter

An employment verification letter is written by past or current employers.  It is used as a way to confirm an individual’s employment history.

For example, an organization may be approached by a prospective mortgage lender who is seeking to learn about an individual’s employment status.  This means the individual may be seeking to purchase a home, and so will likely be vetted by the lender accordingly. 

In such a case as this, the organization being questioned will have to provide an employment verification letter.  This document will show that the current or former employee has worked in some capacity within the company.  It will also detail the time in which this employment took place, and if it is still ongoing.

Some examples of where requests for employment verifications can come from are:

  • Prospective landlords.
  • Mortgage lenders.
  • Government agencies.
  • Collection agencies.
  • Prospective employers.

All of these examples noted are plausible requests for further information on an individual’s employment history.

The requested information may include further verification for:

  • Precise dates of employment.
  • Expectation for continuation of employment.
  • Possibility for rehiring.
  • Reasons for termination (if any).
  • Current or previous salary / hourly rates.

Requesting An Employment Verification Letter

Requesting a personal employment history verification letter is a surprisingly simple matter.  The key is to focus on maintaining a degree of calm professionalism.

Start by calling your organization and asking for the appropriate Human Resources (HR) contact information.  Be sure to state that you need an employment verification letter for “x” reason.

This department within the company will be able to help with, and ultimately process your request.  Though, there may be a certain individual or specialized group you may need to go through.

Typically, your company will create a letter for you.  However, depending on the size of the company, they may instead opt to provide you with a template to give to your current -or previous- manager. 

You can also simply procure an employment verification letter template on your own, and approach the necessary individuals during appropriate hours.

In either event, be sure that your employment verification letter is filled out in its entirety.  Be sure to consider all of the criteria you need to answer.  This may require you to provide any additional or missing information on your own in order to complete the letter.

In short, take your time so that you get things right!

In the event that you need the employment verification letter be given to a third party, you may have to give your express consent before your personal information can be released.  Many companies have a policy regarding privacy and the release of sensitive information to third parties.  Consult with your Human Resources department or manager to learn more.  From there, create a plan that best suits your motives.

Once you’ve given your consent, be sure to have them address this verification letter to the exact individual(s) intended.  You should also ensure that any specific details requested are explicitly mentioned in the letter and answered in full. 

Pro Tip:  It is highly advisable to develop a checklist beforehand so that you don’t forget any important details!  Keep it close by!

What Does an Employment Verification Letter Look Like?

If you are a Human Resources generalist, a manager, or an employer, you may find yourself needing to write an employment verification letter for someone currently in -or formerly a part of- your organization. 

To this end, try to prioritize creating a letter that adheres to the appropriate formatting.  Most importantly, be certain that the information provided is both detailed and correct.  Anything less-than-accurate can leave a verification letter null and void in the eyes of a financial institution or otherwise. 

This leaves the recipient that was relying on you in a very awkward position.  At minimum, you will have wasted everyone’s time.

Thus, keep your employment verification letter as professional as possible:

  1. Follow the standard business letter format – Include all of your contact information at the very top of your employment verification letter. This should also include the current date, and -potentially- your recipient’s contact information.  If you don’t have the recipient’s information, you need to obtain it as soon as possible.  Your letter should also have a polite greeting at the beginning, along with the employment details of the individual being verified.  It should end with your handwritten signature.
  1. Include all information as requested – The standard employment verification letter will focus on an employee’s name, their job title (or department) in the company, and the exact amount of time in which they were (or have been) employed.  Sitting down with your employee and discussing the exact details required is the best way to ensure the information being shared will meet the requested criteria.  Do not include any unnecessary details.  For example, a request may ask a person’s salary, but not how many hours they work.  Again, include only what is necessary.
  1. Cut out unnecessary or loose wording – Keeping your employment verification letter concise and to the point is part of stoic professionalism. You are to provide the pertinent information required -no more, no less.  Never include any of your personal opinions or observations.  If the employee was unskilled or disliked at their place of work, you should not mention it.  The entire purpose is to verify that they were (or are) employed at your organization and provide the specific details that were requested.
  2. End your verification letter – The end of the employment verification letter should provide an additional contact form for the recipient. This encourages further engagement.  Provide your phone number, and email, along with a kindly-worded offer to answer any outstanding questions they may have.
  3. Proofread and edit your work – It can be tempting to “fire off” your letter once it’s completed. The urge to be “done with it” can be a strong impulse.  Instead, recognize the importance of what you’re doing for your current or former employee.  They may be prospecting for future housing, employment, insurance, or even combatting a significant debt load.  Take the time to proofread and carefully edit your work.  In short, make the employment verification letter sample you are providing as polished and professional as you possibly can.  You may be helping someone far more than you can realize.

Letter Examples And Templates

Before creating or submitting your own employment verification letter it is highly advisable that you review template layouts.  These examples can inspire your own format and provide context for the type of content that should be included:

Employment Verification Template 1


Your Name

Job Title

Company Name


City, State (U.S) or Province (Canada) Zip Code


Name of Individual Requesting Verification Information

Job Title

Company Name


City, State (U.S) or Province (Canada) Zip Code

Dear Mr. / Ms. Last Name,

This letter is being provided to verify that (employee’s name) has been employed at (company’s name) for (provide dates).

Should you require further information for your verification request, please do not hesitate to contact me at (your phone number and / or email).


(your handwritten signature)

Employment Verification Template 2


Employment Verification Letter

William Bell

Your Company Inc.

187 Sample Street

Toronto,  416

August 16th, 2021

Business Center

220 Yonge St

Toronto, M5B 2H1

Dear Mrs. Kennedy,

This verification letter is to confirm the status of income and employment of one James Easton.  He has been employed at Your Company Inc. since September 26th, 2014.

James currently holds a position as our in-house logistical manager.  Our organization’s headquarters is located at 187 Sample Street near downtown Toronto.

James currently receives a salary of $52,000 per annum.  He also enjoys several performance-based bonuses which can range anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000 in a fiscal year.

Enclosed within this verification letter are several documents that will serve as proof of income.  These include tax returns and individual pay stubs for your reference.  

This is the most complete information available to my knowledge, which I have provided to the best of my ability.

Should you have any additional needs or questions in regards to James Easton’s employment history with Your Company Inc., please do not hesitate to contact me at your earliest convenience.

My phone number is:  612-486-5431. 

You may also reach me at my work email:  [email protected]

Thank you.


William Bell


Employment Verification Template 3


Proof of Income – Employment Verification From Employer

Lee Dolan

Namely Inc.

165 Ethel Road

Seattle,  WA, 98037

February 16th, 2021

Human Source

295 King St

Seattle, WA, 96594

Dear Sir or Madam,

This letter is to serve as verification for the employment and income for Laurence Tabard.  He has been employed at Namely Inc since August 2012.  He currently holds the title of Quality Manager.

Our branch is located at 165 Ethel Road, Seattle, WA.

Laurence is currently paid a flat salary of $65,000 per annum. 

Attached you will find supporting documents that we have fully endorsed as proof of his income and station within our organization.  These documents include:

  • His W-2.
  • His worker’s compensation letter.

Further information can be offered if it is required or desired.  Moreover, to the best of my knowledge, all details herein are correct and accurately reflect Laurence’s employment status as it exists today.


Lee Dolan

Human Resources Generalist

Employment Verification Letter Sample

Take your time!  Use the above templates to craft an excellent employment verification letter sample of your own!  Just don’t forget to edit!!!

Key Takeaways

  • Understand your company’s policies when requesting or writing an employment verification letter.
  • Include the exact details of the information being requested (no more, no less).
  • Use a business letter format to maintain the professionalism of your employment verification letter.
  • Be meticulous with how you present yourself, as your conduct will impact an individual’s future prospects!

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