Driven By Results

By Sean Stevenson – Latest Revision March 14th, 2021

Driven By Results And Achievement

Being driven by results means achieving the desired outcome, no matter the cost.  It is a defining moment in a business practice or a career. 

Having bested the odds, you will have come to recognize what it really takes to push the envelope and achieve success at a high level.

Getting to this point takes a great deal of persistence and an even greater measure of faith.  You must absolutely believe in your mission, and yet still be open to constructive criticism of any kind. 

Moreover, being driven by results is something that takes a lot of personal effort and focus.  Doing great and amazing things is so often galvanized by an individual’s compulsive need to simply “be -and do- better.” 

Perhaps just as important, is being compelled by the idea of using one’s time as effectively as possible.  It is never enough to simply “work hard,” since you must also be certain that you’re working in the smartest way possible.

At times throughout a thought leader’s journey, there will be lulls in progress that lead to doubt and uncertainty.  It is at these crossroads that we are most tested.  The ability to make -and continue to make- great decisions that will inevitably lead us past these obstacles, and towards success.

Above all, being driven by results is a matter of recognizing that there is no “one defining moment” of any successful endeavour.  Rather, it is a series of good decisions -one atop the other- that become cumulative over time, leading to a seemingly “inevitable” breakthrough of fully realized success.

Being Driven By Results As A Practice

Results-driven individuals are always analytic by nature.  They never “dive in” to a new business or career without first understanding the risks involved.  At the very least, they are constantly making calculations and trying to survey the business landscape.  This allows them to make almost “prescient” decisions, which grant them a key advantage over their competition.

Discovering the most ideal, most productive, and most efficient course of action, is always a matter of patient observation.  Being driven by results is no different in this regard.  It takes someone with a deep capacity for patient learning to fundamentally create breakthrough results.

Moreover, these individuals understand that mistakes will inevitably be made along the way.  The biggest difference they have in their behaviour (when compared to average people) is that they often formulate a contingency plan.  This means that if the worst situation were to befall them, they would have an immediate backup plan to counteract any negative situation.

Even in the event of complete failure, individuals that are driven by results would still take lessons from the pitfalls of their experiences.  This is because they realize that tomorrow is another day. 

Driven By Results

"You can have results or excuses. Not both."

-Multiple Attributions

Who Fails At Being Driven By Results?

The only people who ever truly fail at being driven by their own results, are the ones who give up.  It takes sparse reading (and you should take up sparse reading at the very least) to quickly realize that many of the greatest entrepreneurs and businesspeople in history, all failed countless times. 

What separated them from the others was that they simply refused to give up:

  • Robert Kiyosaki was said to be homeless for a time.  He is now a billionaire.
  • Henry Ford was 45 when he created the revolutionary Model T car in 1908.
  • Ray Kroc did not achieve anything near to the success he enjoyed in the later years of his life.
  • Vera Wang didn’t create memorable fashion until she was at least 40.
  • Writer Harry Bernstein was considered a failed author until he finally became famous at age 96.

From these examples alone, we can see the reality of what it takes to be truly driven by results.  It is not an overnight process.  There is no magical “moment” that leads to riches.  It is a sustained attempt, a matter of enduring towards advancement.

Making headway in life demands sacrifice.  This is why most people give up so easily.  They are unwilling to sacrifice their comforts, their social life, and their “safe zone” in exchange for something truly extraordinary.

Success And Being Driven By Results

The reason any individual achieves ultimate success is because they don’t give up.  Rather, they choose to continue on their road, and persevere in their pursuits, no matter the cost. 

Over time, they greatly develop their existing skills, while also learning new ones.  If you can imagine a pursuit like this over the course of years, you’ll have a good idea of what I’m referring to.

Ask yourself the following:  If you remained dedicated to becoming great at something for years or even decades, do you think you could do it?  Would you at the very least become proficient at the skill you have in mind?

Of course, you would.  Since learning anything is always a matter of time, patience, and persistence. 

If you simply sustained your drive towards becoming something great, you would get there one day.  Ironically enough, you wouldn’t have to spend more than a few hours a week practicing.  This is the magic of cumulative efforts.  It is always done one day, one week, or one month at a time.

If you want to build a business, you must recognize that it takes a sustained pursuit of excellence, to reach a point of breakout profitability.

A Results Driven Attitude

A person’s attitude towards important tasks and priorities, is what often leads them to achieving momentous results.  When every action has a purpose, and every plan has an important objective, any individual can leverage their best efforts towards building something unique.

Whether that something is a skillset, a business, or a system, the results can be quickly realized in reality by carefully planning ahead.

Moreover, you can easily define better methods as you go along.  Once you’ve begun to see the results of your efforts, you will steadily find better ways of conducting your operations. 

This is a surprisingly natural aspect of how the human mind works.  Once it delves into a certain subject matter, it tends to start seeing things differently.  Your own perspective will start to change, as you devise better ideas, and faster ways of doing things.

Being driven by results, therefore, is in fact part of our DNA as human beings.  We naturally long to improve our lives, and to make ourselves better than we were yesterday.

Understanding this tendency is of huge importance to achieving your fullest potential.  So many of us get locked down by negative attitudes and self-defeatism.  Don’t subscribe to any of that.

Instead, choose to recognize that you are a person of immutable and vast potential.  To tap into this, all you have to do is steadily work towards whatever goal you have.

To make it easy, do a great deal of research beforehand…

Driven By Results

"Steady growth isn't simply the best way, it's the only way."


Researching Your Drive For Results

Being results driven is akin to being driven by information, data, and analysis.  In the sense of your search for success, you want to have data on your side.

To this end, research your potential goals as much as possible.  In particular, find out as much about the following as possible:

  1. What costs are associated with your goal?
  2. Is the overhead going to cripple you financially as you grow your business?
  3. What kind of customers would you need to secure for your business to be successful?
  4. Are there unknowns involved that give you reservations about your idea?
  5. Is your product a good or a service?
  6. How can you leverage smart marketing campaigns to get the word out there about your product(s)?

These six critical questions can be answered through research and fact-checking.  Data will often hep you to make a decision about what makes “the most” sense. 

However, it’s important to note that too much data can also create a stranglehold on your decision-making process.  You might find yourself doubting your own ideas when you discover certain things that contradict your original thought process.  This is entirely natural and should be embraced.

Try to think of your idea as an evolving organism.  Over time, and with effort, you can perfect it so that it will be far more resilient than it once was.

Becoming Results Driven

Whether in business or in life, the question is always a matter of how to get from point A to point B.

The key herein is to understand what works the best for you personally, and how you can define the metrics of your own success.

Realistically, this often takes a bit of “narrowing down” what gets you closest to your goals.  Maintaining focus and clarity is key herein.  Don’t get bogged down in complex details and focus only one what is absolutely necessary.

Furthermore, tracking your metrics closely will help you make snap-decisions that can have a big impact on your growth potential.  If something isn’t working for example, you may have to alter your strategy to get back on track.  Moreover, if things are moving too slowly, you may have to rethink your plan. 

Creating momentum and pursuing the focus that works best for you is always an important principle to follow.  Try to evaluate yourself and your performance continuously.  Recall that no type of growth will remain sustainable forever.  However, being able to pivot from one way of doing things to another is what will allow you to adapt to changing circumstances.

As you grow, your practices and capabilities will grow with you.  Always remember that your actions should bring you closer to your goals.  This will keep you both accountable and results driven over time.

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